Halifax police know what time it is

On the June 17 at 12:12PM a new clock was revealed for all the people to see. Both the mayor- Ramon Jayo and state member- Andrew Cripps pulled the vale down to expose a clock that even Big Ben could be jealous over!

Halifax now is truly on the map now that we have a giant clock in the centre of our town.

No longer will town wanderers be wondering about what time it is!

Halifax Police couldn’t be happier to congratulate the local Lions group for their commitment and support and for making this clock become a reality. The clock celebrates 100 years of ‘Lionism’. Halifax Police were present for the extremely well attended event.

They took the opportunity to hand out security pamphlets and bags as well as bring the Lower Herbert Blue Light games trailer.

Senior Constable Shelley Millns had a great day racing cars along side some of the visiting kids. Once again, congratulations Lions on your 100 year clock, we truly appreciate the work you have done and continue to do in our great town.

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